Sunday, March 27, 2011

1..2...3...say ChEESe!

Along with having a baby shower at our home yesterday, it was also PROM for Cole! He asked his sweet friend Jordan. ( I think they really like each other) We had this big discussion on wanting to take pictures of them before they left, being the parents of the girl sure does have it's advantages....He won, however I got a frantic call from Cole, telling me that he left his prom ticket at home! Darn, I guess I'll have to run it down to them at the restaurant, and in doing so take a couple of these! Wow, what a cute couple! I just shrieked when I saw them, and that hair wowsa!

Love you Cole!!!

"E" is for Elsie!

We had a DeSSeRT buffet

These roses were made out of crepe paper

HOMeMaDE goodness from Grandma

Ginny was blesses with such SwEEt friends that really sPoILeD her

Thank you Ginny, for letting me be a part of your big day! I LoVE YoU Girl!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who doesn't like to look at your friends vacation photos?

Our fist stop was in the Bahamas, this was the first of many shots to show how blue the water is.

Just laying in a hammock in the Bahamas on Valentines Day looking up at the palm trees...ahhh

Matt couldn't get over the size of the boat! That's just is one of the hot tubs that they had.

So yes, this is a picture of a picture, but it was by far our most favorite part of the trip. We docked in St. Thomas then took a 60 minute boat ride to the Tortola Island where we got to swim and play with dolphins! This had to be by far one of the most amazing things we did.

Like I said Matt couldn't get over the size of the ship

We are just hanging with our good friend Steven Spielberg, yep that's his yacht.

In St. Maartin we took a quick boat ride to the other side of the island where they had a floating Tiki Hut. We just hung out here and did a little snorkeling. This was the most relaxing and beautiful day. St. Maartin is absolutely breathtaking.

I just wanted a little photo to remember paradise with. Funny thing, the whole time we were there I was having the hardest time, I missed Claire soooooo much. I kept a running count down of how soon it would be until we were home!

Let's go to Cornbelly's

The great thing about Claire is that you don't have to ask her to pose..she comes up with it all on her very own!

Claire turned 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after a ton of pushing and shoving, er I mean begging and pleading, Cole agreed to Baptize his sister. So of course we had to take a photo reminiscent of the one I have of my Grandfather and me outside the church in our white clothes.

Did you know you can take photos in front of the font?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Annual Halloween Party

This has got to be the BEST robot costume EVER!!

My little Jesse

This year I decided to keep the candy to a minimum and focused more on the FOOD!

Let's EAT!

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Strike a pose....

Paul Bunyan and Babe the BLUE ox

The cutest skeleton, robot and ladybug of 2010!

If you haven't had a chance to see Toy Story 3, I highly recommend you do; and bring a couple kleenex .... you'll need them.

What troopers, bringing their brand new baby girl (Lucy) out to the party and even dressing up like one of Scooby and the gang!

I think they look a little too comfortable playing Doctor, don't you?


This was my favorite Halloween party to date, everyone got into the spirit by dressing up! The Doctors even brought all the kiddos some vitamins, (skittles in an empty pill bottle) so adorable.